Hi, I'm James

Data Scientist @ Yonder Credit Card 

Freelance Researcher @ Cambridge

Patron of Selwyn College, Cambridge

I do Behavioural Data Science

"using statistics and machine learning

to understand human individualities 

and dynamic social systems."

I enjoy building bridges between disciplines and people, 

so look around, drop me a message.



University of Cambridge. B.A. Hons. Psychological and Behavioural Sciences. 2019 - 2022


Notable Work:

In Progress:

Full list of academic work


Data Science @ Yonder Credit Card

Yonder is a cool London start-up that's being called "the Monzo of reward credit cards". Personally, I use it to get free delicious food and quality times with friends. 

Having been rejected by countless consultancies' algorithms, I made an oath to never use data to discriminate. Now, as Yonder's first Data Scientist, I build machine learning models that help Yonder "make money rewarding and credit empowering" - from making better lending decisions, to personalising reward experiences. 

Freelance Research @ Cambridge

In my spare time I work with researchers around the world on cool social science topics, affiliating with the Social Decision-Making Lab at the University of Cambridge. 

My current interest is in the collective behaviours of AI chatbots - do they behave like humans in a society? And if so, can we use them to predict which meme goes more viral, how do echo chambers form, and how to make our societies and organiations better?

To spare others of the nerdy stuff, please reach out if you want to know more!

Patron of Selwyn College, Cambridge

The summer research experience during my undergrad changed my life. So, the moment I got a job, I donated to my alma mater to set up an undergrad research fund:

The James K. He Scholarships is dedicated to support data-driven, interdisciplinary research at the undergraduate level. Open to students of ALL subjects at Selwyn College Cambridge. 

Why did a 21-year-old set up a scholarship? Isn't that reserved for dead people?

Interdisciplinary research is heavily underfunded in the UK, especially at the undergraduate level. These research opportunities not just help students to learn hard transferable skills, build connections and portfolio; they also foster the interdisciplinary creativity crucial in this age of AI. 

They certainly helped me when I was a confused undergrad. Without that first summer staying in college doing otherwise unfunded research, nothing I have right now would be possible.

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