Hi, I'm James

Data Scientist @ Yonder Credit Card 

Freelance Researcher w/ Cambridge

Patron of Selwyn College, Cambridge

I do Behavioural Data Science

"using statistics and machine learning

to predict human individualities 

and dynamic social systems."

I enjoy building bridges between disciplines and people, 

so look around, drop me a message.



University of Cambridge. B.A. Hons. Psychological and Behavioural Sciences. 2019 - 2022


Cited  by 74 academic publications. Google Scholar.

Notable Work:

Full list of academic work


Data Science @ Yonder Credit Card

Yonder is the coolest startup in the UK, "the Monzo of reward credit cards", and the "Best Newcomer" according to British Bank Awards. You earn points whenever you spend, have insurance and free FX wherever you travel, and get to enjoy the most beautiful app + the most amazing customer support that responds in literal minutes. Personally, I use it to get free delicious food and quality times with friends. 

As Yonder's first Data Scientist, I build machine learning models that help Yonder "make money rewarding and credit empowering" - from making better lending decisions, to personalising reward experiences. 

Freelance Research with Cambridge

In my spare time I work with researchers around the world on cool social science topics. I am an alumnus and friend of the Social Decision-Making Lab at the University of Cambridge. 

My interests are these questions: what makes some teams more productive? what makes some universities more innovative? what makes some societies more divided? what makes some cultures more empowering of individual agency? 

I am currently attempting to answer these questions by simulating human groups with AI chatbots. To spare others of the nerdy stuff, please reach out if you want to know more!

Patron of Selwyn College, Cambridge

I donated to my alma mater to set up an undergrad research fund:

The James K. He Scholarships is dedicated to support data-driven, interdisciplinary research at the undergraduate level. Open to students of ALL subjects at Selwyn College Cambridge, with Preference given to projects from disciplines with limited fundings.

Why did a 21-year-old set up a scholarship? Isn't that reserved for dead people?

In the last ten thousand years, innovation has improved human lives in most cases. Most of the best innovations in history came from Audacious Generalists - people who love building bridges, people who refused to be defined by a single way of thinking. 

Sadly, there are hardly any cross-discipline funding in the UK, especially for undergrads. So when I got my first paycheque (thanks Yonder), I donated to support interdisciplinary research. I've enjoyed the self-sovereignty of not being defined by a single discipline, and I hope to build a community of innovators who refuse to be defined.

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