"Let's not plan out our lives. Let's live."

New Music on the Guqin 

Guqin is a Chinese classical instrument tracing back to the Book of Odes (11th - 6th c. BC), and one can still play Guqins made in Tang Dynasty (6th - 8th c. AD). Historically, Guqin is more of a cultural and social symbol than a musical instrument, and its music ties more to poetry than to musicology. 

I used to teach Guqin in NZ and now mostly work on expanding the scope of Guqin music. I have completed Guqin adaptations of: 

Check out the programme of my recital at Selwyn College, University of Cambridge (2022)


I was never very good at sports in my upbringing, but I always enjoyed its social aspect: At Cambridge, I was president of the college table tennis society, and captained a rowing boat. 

I started amateur road cycling in summer 2022, right after graduation. Now I mostly do 40-50km rides and completed my first 100km+ ride in early summer 2023. 

I know I can't get very fast, but I do enjoy pushing winds and chasing clouds alongside my friends. Hit me up if you know routes around London and Cambridge!

Food and Drinks

At Yonder, part of our job is to test out all the nice restaurants around London, which I thoroughly enjoy. 

Back in Cambridge we had these strange "formal dinners": students and fellows would suit up in academic gowns to sit in Hogwarts-style candle lit dining halls, and have ceremonies such as Latin graces and gong knocking to compensate the likely under-flavoured meals. 

It was a great excuse for us undergrads to have excessive wine. Sadly I didn't complete the "formal challenge" - going to formals at all 31 colleges - but I did do 12 of them so it wasn't too bad.


I have move several times around the planet for education, but I never took any gap years to purely travel and see the world like many of my western peers do. 

Now settled in London with a job, I am doing monthly weekend city trips to see the world a bit. Please suggest new destinations! Preferably around Europe, and would be amazing if you have a list of restaurants and art galleries I should visit as well. 

If I should come visit your city, please let me know and we'll grab a coffee or a pint.